Udita’s Ultimate Brownie

Last Saturday I lost a great friend of mine. We bonded over our love of animals, great food and great drinks. She was with us at the very beginning when we started Coding House. She was so talented and so beautiful. She was a published author, an amazing singer (She even tried out for American Idol!) and so very smart. After she graduated college last summer she received a full scholarship to the 2014 European Innovation Academy in France. Before she left Coding House to go to France we had a deal. I was to make her an ultimate brownie and she was going to teach me how to make Indian food. So 3 days before she left for France we had a cook off. We spent the day in the kitchen together drinking our “management juice”(it is what we called whatever alcohol we were drinking at the time) talking about France and food. This is my ultimate brownie recipe from that day. The pictures aren’t perfect but I don’t want to recreate them. I want them to be from that day for her memory and one of the best days we ever spent together.

1 package Oreo’s
1 1 tube of chocolate chip cookie dough
1 package of Ghirardelli brownie mix
Ice Cream

Make the brownie mix according to box directions.

Sprinkle pre made cookie dough around brownie pan.

Add Oreo’s.

Bake according to box directions.

Let cool.

Serve with ice cream.

RIP friend. Miss you.


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